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The Features page is designated for the big 5.  These stars are commonly known. The Features page represents a small selection of the vintage western movie posters that we have in stock.

John Wayne

John Wayne is probably the best-known western film actor of all time. Although Wayne made the list of Top Money-Making Western Stars in 1936, he labored in "B" films for almost 10 years before becoming a major star in John Ford's STAGECOACH. Wayne's dominance as an "A" player outlasted all others until his death. Wayne made many outstanding western films like RIO GRANDE, RED RIVER, and THE SEARCHERS. He won one of only three Oscars ever given to western roles for outstanding actor for his portrayal of Marshal Rooster Cogburn in TRUE GRIT. THE SHOOTIST was a fitting climax to Wayne's 50-year movie career.

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Gene Autry

Gene Autry became Republic Pictures' first official singing cowboy in 1935 with TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS. By 1953, Autry had 88 horse operas, including 32 for Columbia Studios. Autry was a Top-Money Making Western star from 1936-1942 and again from 1946-1954. His top "B" movies were two Cinecolor features THE STRAWBERRY ROAN, and THE BIG SOMBRERO and DOWN MEXICO WAY. From 1950-1956 Autry had 91 half-hour shows on CBS under Flying A Pictures. During the late 80's Autry hosted "MELODY RANCH THEATRE" on TNN. He even opened the highly acclaimed Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles.

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Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers a.k.a. Leonard Slye or Dick Weston made an outstanding horse opera debut in 1938 with UNDER WESTERN STARS. This Republic Pictures film propelled Roy's ascension to "King of the Cowboys." By 1948, Rogers' Trucolor pictures were consuming 65% of his studio's budget for "B" westerns. After staring in pictures 81 films including DON'T FENCE ME IN, MY PAL TRIGGER, and BELLS OF SAN ANGELO, he left Republic in 1951. Roy then did 100 half-hour shows for NBC through 1957, and he remained a Top Money-Making Western Star from 1939-1954. In addition to rodeos and numerous guest appearances, Roy hosted "Happy Trails Theater" on TNN in the 1980's.

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Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy, a.k.a. "Hoppy" (real name William Boyd), became the favorite of millions of youngsters in 66 Hopalong Cassidy features for Paramount (1935-1941) and United Artists (1942-44, 1946-48). Boyd was Top Money-Making Western Star (1936-45, 1947-50) in addition to doing 52 half-hour shows as the Clarence Mulford character for syndication (1952-54)

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Clint Eastwood
(1930- )

Clint Eastwood's first claim to fame came as Rowdy Yates on CBS-TV's "Rawhide" in 1959. From then on, Eastwood was the only star to challenge Wayne's supremacy in the genre. Clint became the star of spaghetti westerns and continued as a superstar in American films. The star of films like COOGAN'S BLUFF, THE BEGUILED, and HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, Eastwood's latest, UNFORGIVEN, also received rave reviews.

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