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Till Goodan, Cowboy Artist

Famous Bucking Horses of Rodeo History

Hells Angel



$595 (Set of 6 prints)
Drawings and Stories in Original Folder
11x14", Circa 1951
Limited Availability


Till Goodan (1896-1958) is considered to be the benchmark of Western Era authenticity. Goodan, originally from Colorado, spent his youth as a calf roper, packing mules and running pack trains, as a cowboy. He broke horses and competed in local rodeos riding saddle broncs. During the quiet hours Goodan drew pictures portraying ranch life and the thrill of rodeo. Goodan's artistic skills were soon noticed and in 1917, he left the rodeo to pursue his art. Goodan used oils, watercolors, and pencils to depict the Old West. Till Goodan's work spans almost every medium.

Till Goodan led a prestigious life. Among other things, Goodan served as the Art Director for the Richfield Oil Company. He illustrated the Gene Autry Comic Books, designed four separate and highly prized sets of dinnerware produced by Wallace China: Pioneer Trails, Longhorn, Boots and Saddles, and Rodeo. Indeed, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Bing Crosby owned "Rodeoware" and all 4 sets are valuable collectibles today.

Goodan enjoyed his western lifestyle until the day he died. Goodan died in May 1958 while riding parade at a rodeo.


Hand Colored Prints

by Till Goodan, circa early 1950's.
(Colored by Till's daughter Betty Goodan Andrews (Sole Heir).)



Price: $275 (Set of 2 prints)
11 x 14", Circa 1940's
(Rare), Limited Availability

Price: $225 (Set of 2 prints)
6 x 8", Circa 1940's
(Rare), Limited Availability



Price: $375
20x16 ", Circa 1940's
(Rare), Limited Availability


Hand Colored Pack Horse Print
Colored by Til Goodan's daughter, Betty Goodan
Price: $695 
print Circa 1940's
recently colored by Betty Goodan
(Rare), Only 2 Available

At Rest on the Range

approx. 25x35"
Exceedingly Rare.
Produced by Clarion Calendar Company
circa 1950's
From Betty Goodan's collection (Til's daughter).

"Old Steamboat"
Legendary Bucking Horse of
Unconquerable Spirit

Exceedingly Rare accompanied
by biographical story

The first horse ever to gain a national reputation as a rodeo bucker was Old Steamboat. His fame became so widespread that cowboys came from all over the west to take a "settin" at him. Few American artists can approach Till Goodan, painter of our Old Steamboat picture subject, for his dynamic treatment of horses and men in action. Only an artist and westerner who knows horses and men and Goodan knows them could graphically express in his work those indefinable qualities which charge a figure with life. The most famous bucking horse of all time "Old Steamboat".
28.75 x 21.25"
Limited Availability
Circa 1930's
Sold call for request and price
Call to discuss details - Very small quantity of printing known to exist.

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